Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mortgage Broker?
Just as an insurance broker finds you the best deal on insurance, a mortgage broker finds you the best deal on a mortgage. Rather than working for one financial institution, I'm independent and deal with several different financial institutions. This allows me to offer you more choices and more competitive rates. It also means my advice is impartial and based on whatever is in your best interest.

Let an expert take care of getting you a better rate. My expert, unbiased, fast service is FREE!
Because I study mortgage rate markets and have direct access to several different lenders, I can offer you highly competitive rates that are among the best available. And, while you may not enjoy negotiating with financial institutions, that's my specialty. I'll make sure you get the most attractive rate currently on offer.

I can shop dozens of lenders in the time it takes you to book an appointment at your bank.

Shopping for mortgages can be time consuming and frustrating if you do it yourself. That's why more and more Canadians are relying on mortgage brokers. I know which lenders offer which products and can quickly short list the ones that best match your needs. You'll end up with the best features and rate, all in one stop.

Advice that's based solely on your needs and in your best interest.

Because I don't work for any of the lenders, I won't try to lead you in a certain direction. After making sure I understand your needs, I'll present you with some options and together we'll decide which mortgage is best for you and your financial future. No pressure. No ulterior motives.

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